30 Before 30

1. Donate blood…2018

2. Have children.

3. Get a certification. I don’t care anymore, instead, I want to learn swimming

4. Read 10 books a year, every year….2017

5. Become a fitness freak. Rather, just become fit?

6. Learn to drive….2016

7. Start my food blog. – Bread, breakfast muffins, podis, jams, sauces, salads….2018

8. Become a baking expert….2016 It is still on my list, but sort of coincides with my previous point, doesn’t it.

9. Ride a horse on the beach.

10. Go abroad at least once.  Went to Sri Lanka in October. But now, go abroad again!

11. Visit Shimla, Rajasthan. Or Uttaranchal

12. Learn to stitch. (some DIY)…2016  Cycle

13. Go to a live concert by a famous band.

14. Continue writing on this blog.

15. Have a business plan….2018

16. Finish interiors of my house….2018

17. Take a picture every day, for an year.

19. Make a family scrapbook. No! I should have done that in college! I will rather get a dog and then make albums out of him :)…2018

20. Learn DSLR.

21. Have a kitchen garden.

22. Buy something awesome for my parents.

23. Color my hair. Red Streaks :D

24. Have a good gang of girlfriends. Yeah, right, was I serious ?!

25. Learn to play guitar basics!

26. Go trekking, road trip.

27. Let go of things, not of my control.Oh, I have learnt this alright!

28. Become level headed.

29. Have my dream wardrobe.

30. Celebrate my 30th birthday with a party!


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