Mango tales

When I was a little girl I stayed very far from my grandma. She is a short and plump woman wearing just a blouse and a mundu. If she has to step out, she would wrap a towel around and she is dressed. She is very huggable and cute, so motherly that I smothered her… Continue reading Mango tales

Emotional Turbulence

Sometimes I feel, instead of blood, my body is filled with a sea of emotions. They flow through my body around my organs and into my brain. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad and sometimes a million other things that we feel. Sometimes there is storm of emotions. I try hard to not succumb to it and… Continue reading Emotional Turbulence

Of finding Great things

I have been reading ever since I came across the first article there that my cousin shared with me. It’s like a self help blog but then not at all like one. You feel like a friend giving you dating tips or advice on finance while reading it. That is the one thing that… Continue reading Of finding Great things


Salboni was my second home in my whole lifetime and since this involved more of my little sister, less of my father, more travelling, more of school and friends, more years and less complications in life, this holds a very important place in my heart, just like all other places I have lived in. Coming… Continue reading Salboni

Reminiscing about UK past

Yet again, I find myself torn and terribly missing the winter I spent in UK two years back. I am reading this book – Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and in a chapter Scout Finch (as she is famously known in To Kill a Mockingbird) is reminiscing about her summers during childhood. I… Continue reading Reminiscing about UK past

Of having friends

When you grow older, you meet more people and you are supposed to have more friends, more people you know and those who know you. But hardly that happens. It is so much more easier to make friends when you are younger. You are uninhibited, you have lesser things to hide and you know less… Continue reading Of having friends


What a simple short detour from your daily routine can do is so tremendous, you have to just do it to know it. When I went to Goa for the second time in May 2014 (first time was seven years before that), I was there only for a day. I remember only Baga and Calangute… Continue reading GOA

A thing of past

It’s good when you can finally let go of things you have been holding on to and let it be a thing of past. Some things are meant to be left, only then you can move on and find your new happy. Sometimes you hold on to things so tight for so long that you… Continue reading A thing of past

A clean slate

A new year gives you 12 brand new months on repeat, 365 fresh days for you to do it all over again. Of course you get older but it is another opportunity, another chance to start from scratch. January was about wiping my slate clean. As I read in another blogger’s post, emptying the cup.… Continue reading A clean slate

Birthday Stories

As I munch on toast and a herb-y omlette this morning, my thoughts are still with the stories of yesterday night. I finished reading the first book of this year, Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami. I first came across this book in a photograph, years back when I was in college. I fell in love… Continue reading Birthday Stories

2015 and 2016

I have never written a year-gone-by post or what-I’m-looking-forward-to-in-the-next-year post but I am going to today. Why, you wonder? Because I think I have reached that point in life where reflecting and anticipating has become a really important part. I have reached a stage where I need to know what I did with my year… Continue reading 2015 and 2016

Weekends now

Weekends now are a place to rest, to just be home. Go out for a jog or to buy some weekly groceries and nothing else. Oh yes, the customary visit to our flat is a must. So proud that its almost done and we will be moving in soon. I cook a feast occasionally, take… Continue reading Weekends now

Finally peace

After all those months of tormenting myself, putting myself in a difficult position and hating every moment of it, all it took was a resignation letter to bring peace back into my life. I have realised that taking risks are essential and plunging into the unknown, sometimes, can get you what you have wanted for… Continue reading Finally peace