I am definitely more than what meets the eye and trust me, this is what people most commonly tell me when they have known me for few months.

My life wish, being able to go for a long road trip across Europe, I also wish to build a home so comfortable, that you never feel like leaving.

I have bouts of what I now call as the reading sickness, wherein I go on a spree and read 3-4 books in a row and then nothing for about 6-8 months.

I am a little OCD about cleanliness and more so about being on time. The latter though has taught me one of the most needed traits in today’s world – Patience.

I am a foodie by choice and working hard not to be one for the sake of my own fat belly. I like to call myself  fitness freak, who does nothing to stay fit. But hey, I try ok?

I love journalling and making lists and Evernote is my new best friend.

I live my life with an open mind and I love to joke about myself and make people laugh.

I could go on but I am sure you get the flow.



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