My dear son -3

Dearest Aadi,

Yes that is what we have decided to call you!

You are almost two months now. 

You recognize me. I am not sure if it is from my face my voice, the color of my dress or my smell but you know me.

You love listening to songs and you even have a favourite one!

You have started making sounds, cute sounds.

You have overgrown some of your first clothes. Yay!

You love breast feeding and that seems to be your favourite activity in the day!

You sleep well at night and keep us busy during the day like a full time job. But you do take your naps and let you momma have some alone time.

You do cry but now I know your cry for milk, your cry for sleep, your cry to poop and your cry just out of boredom separately. That is such a relief because then I know what to do to soothe you. 

These are your developments this month and you are growing fast into a cute little bundle boy. I love you to bits.

Your momma.


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