My dear son -2

Dearest Adi,

You are a month old now!

Though I usually hear people say how fast the first month has gone by, it was different for me. It felt like forever.

Today, after a month, I think you know when I pick you up from anybody else picking you up. I think you know you get your food from me and I think my touch calms you down. I feel overwhelmed with these things because never have I had this power before. I guess this is what being a mother means. 

You are growing up and every new thing makes me jump with joy. I love to dress you up, cut your nails and let you curl up in my arms. Holding you is one of the most precious feelings, something I have never felt before. 

Today I want to tell you to never stop dreaming. Whenever you are awake, you are active for sometime and then you stop everything and stare as if in deep thought. I wonder what all goes by in your small mind. I want you to know that you should never hesitate to dream about anything, whether it is to become a famous cricketer or solo traveller or start something of your own. You can dream to the extent of this universe and back. 

Never think that dreams and reality are separate, remember that there is nothing you can’t do. It’s all the choices that you make but that’s a different lesson altogether. May be in next letter.

Never think that you can only dream but it’s not your cup of tea. While all this dreams are happening get up from that couch and make them come true. :) 

And lastly, never hesitate to share your dreams with me, even the wildest and craziest ones. I can’t wait to know them!

Only yours,



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