My dear son – 1

My dear son,

I have been pondering the whole day today as to what should be the very first thing I tell you in life. I finally have a few things clear in my mind, something I’m sure I shouldn’t miss out letting you know.

As a child, there are two qualities you will have which we all tend to lose as we grow up. It’s the way of life and it’s because of many factors around us. The two qualities are innocence and fearlessness. As we grow up, our experiences and the experience of the people around us will make us gradually lose these qualities and replace them with their opposites.

I’m going to talk to you about the second quality,fearlessness, today. As a child you will swing high on the swing without fear because you are ignorant of the risks it carries to your well being. However, as you grow, you will grow more careful about the height to which you swing because you fear of falling and hurting yourself. 

Similarly, this fear is going to be stopping stone in every step you take in your life. What you should know is that success is overcoming your fear, not only reaching the desired destination. If you ever want to do something in life but fear doing it, make it a point to do it, no matter what. Of course, I don’t mean you jump off a cliff without any life support! I’m sure you will be intelligent enough to take risks in life that make sense to you. 

Being fearless will take you to places you may have only dreamt of going, it will take you through highs and lows. Eventually you will quench your thirst to live by only being fearless.

I am going to be a watcher, who will lend my shoulders for you to cry on your failures and bake cakes to celebrate your winnings. I am going to nudge you a little here and there but I’m not going to lay down the path you should take in your life. I will not let you join the “race” of life for the fear of not knowing to do anything else. I am going to let you find and make your own path, if that is your wish. 

And finally when you are ready to fly my son, I’ll be your wings. :)

Only yours,



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