My life post pregnancy

My life had taken an irreversible turn on June 13 when my son was born. I wouldn’t know until he was around 2-3 weeks old if the turn was for the good or bad because those days were definitely not great for me. 

I was put under tremendous stress, both physically and mentally. Though the physical discomfort was easy to deal with, I had to work a lot on my own to get back to my senses. After two hardest weeks of my life, I thought I may not survive for long, I came out and felt better. This time around though, I was my only support and I learnt that I can survive on my own and am not as dependent on others as I thought.

I made myself understand a lot of things and in the end I felt like I can understand anyone in this world. It’s an easy trick and it’s called acceptance. Accepting your circumstances, accepting people are different and will hardly behave the way you want them to and accepting that I have to live with this huge change made me change my perspective about a lot of things. Trusting people also gave me a lot of confidence and reduced my worries by half. I was hurt and somewhere I still am but I decided to leave it behind, atleast for a while.

At the end of all this, I finally found time to embrace this huge change in my life by paying more attention to my son and being able to spend more time with him mindfully. I quickly fell in love with this little bundle of cotton-y soft human and his various expressions. 

Things seem to be falling back in place slowly. Life is still stressful but I just need to look at his innocent face to forget all my pain and difficulties. 


One thought on “My life post pregnancy

  1. I was looking into one of my old email accounts and saw this update notification there.. congratulations, Meera! Wish you and your son an awesome life ahead πŸ™‚

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