How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 4

I believe the last leg of my pregnancy started by the time I was 34 weeks. I had exactly one month to complete the term of my pregnancy. Nights were long but the days were filled with my favorite food to eat, books to read , old Malayalam movies to watch and chit chat with my mom. 

By 37th week, we found that the baby was in breech and if it doesn’t turn very soon, I might have to go for a c section. I was heart broken. All this while I was preparing myself for labour and hoping to have a safe normal delivery. I felt like it was my right, taken away from me. I consoled myself with the fact that either ways, I’ll have my baby come out soon and it only matters that it is healthy.

So,on June 13, I got admitted to the hospital and delivered a baby boy, healthy and fit to survive outside the womb. I was 39 weeks and by the end of all this, happily pregnant. Little did I know what lay ahead of me. 

Soon, in my next post. 


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