How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 3

Once my 8th month started, I shifted to Mysore, where my parents live and we planned to have our delivery. I had sort of got my reading bug back and was on to my 5th book for the year already. I continued to go to movies as well. I became more and more sleep deprived and the time till 10 AM in the morning was a haze because I did most of my work with my eyes half closed. The baby kicked vigorously and I liked to believe it was responding to different things like loud noise, cold water and just me talking!

While I gave in to many cravings while I was in Bangalore, I decided to stop it here and concentrate on healthy nutritious food, good exercise and try being more intellectual in my last few weeks. Over a weekend we indulged in spending a night stay at a 5-star hotel and I soaked myself in the tub for hours with music and reading. I snuggled in the comfy bed with lots of pillows and had a sumptuous breakfast the next day. Though we didn’t go far to do this, it still felt like a much-needed break at the end of it.

I have built some solid relationships, friendships over the year and now I am going to stay a little distant and concentrate on myself. My fitness, my baby and my goals in life. I already know next year is going to be all about this. This year is just pregnancy and post-pregnancy saga time. By now I also felt like I have been pregnant for long enough and that I am tired of being pregnant. There is nothing wrong in expressing it if you feel so, it’s okay. Your body is going through unfathomable changes and these feelings are only natural.

Towards mid of 8th month, something got unticked in my mind and I felt lost for a few days. I was dazed (or dizzy?), lazy (or tired?) and alone (or lonely?). I also started feeling like enough-of-this-pregnancy please, can I go for a bike ride?! I was confused. I am pretty sure a large part of it was because my husband was not with me. I was at home, with my parents, all that’s good but very different from living with your parents as a child because now you are no more one but your parents seem to disagree with that very real fact. It’s all lovey-dovey and caring but tough to accept and experience.

On a rainy windy evening, while my mom took rest after a long day at school and my dad was walking around the house with curtains all over his face, thinking it’s funny and I will laugh, I hoped I will get used to this and something will soon tick and I’ll be my chirpy self again.

Soon it was May and I found some alone time with the husband. We did nothing and just sat with each other for 2 days. Also, it was finally May and mom’s summer vacations had started. That means she was at home most times and I was not bored any longer, there is always something to do, something to talk about when she is around. Around this time, my sleep had started getting disturbed and mostly it was because of the time chosen by the baby to kick and move around in the womb. The movements, at times, were very much visible and almost scared me! After a point, it also felt very uncomfortable but somehow I found it wrong to feel angry about it. I somehow managed 5-6 hours sleep which was filled with weird dreams, which made absolutely no sense.

I was looking forward to May to eat a lot of more healthy food, and some unhealthy food, which was home made like uzhunu vada and cutlets. May also marked my one year completion in my current company – didn’t feel the way it should coz out of the year, half the time was spent working from home. I decided I will start my maternity from June so that I can stay away from laptops and phone as much as possible during my last couple of weeks. This was also a time to be treasured from a personal space point of view, which will cease to exist on once the baby is born, at least for a while.


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