How my life changed during pregnancy – Part 2

By 6th month of my pregnancy, I couldn’t travel to and fro work anymore and stopped going to work. I worked from home with ease and found a lot of peaceful time. I spent some time with my parents and found something new about them, about which I already wrote here.  

Once I was back in Bangalore, I settled in at being home in no time. With the maid out, I had enough at hand along with cooking 3 meals. I made sure I never ordered in and served something warm and fresh to the husband every night. I found love in cooking again and realised it will always be the thing to go back to for me. I tried out new recipes just like I used to do during our days in Trivandrum. I started growing greens in my garden and substituting fried items with shakes and juices to overcome my hunger pangs. Ha! It is so easy to do good things when it is for others!

My baby started kicking full swing by end of 6th month and that’s when I started to feel a connection with the living human being growing inside me. It made its presence felt every other hour and I chit-chatted as if it could understand every word. Silly but so cute! It felt like in no time it going to be out and about! In a couple of weeks, my husband could feel the kick if he kept his hand on my bump. He was exhilarated by it and I could clearly see that in his twinkling eyes. Nowadays we talk so much more with our eyes and expressions than by actual conversation. It feels like we have grown leaps and bounds in our relationship with this tiny little being coming into our lives.

My cousin and best friend made her presence felt the most in these few months than any other. Just like my husband, she was my rock. The difference being she would never get tired of my cribbing just like I never get tired of hers. We are so similar that we have the same goodness and the same faults and we keep motivating each to not be something that will take us down eventually. When she spent a week with me, just like that, I realised everything that happened between us in past ten years of friendship was worth it and it all came down to those special 7 days she spent with me, when I most needed someone. I realised her worth more than ever before.

Did I already mention here that help always comes from places we least expect it? When we are down and disappointed with people most close to us and with ourselves for keeping expectations, someone from some corner pops up, arms wide open to take us in and help us.

My single biggest lesson though was that whatever you do, if you can take responsibility for it, own it, have a clear conscience and answer everything to do with it and still find peace, then whatever society says, your parents say, doesn’t matter because you will, no doubt, be doing the right thing. It will surely be the right thing to do for you at that time that you are in. So go ahead, with the hope that everything and everyone else will get it some day.


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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