Ten days at Home

I have stayed with my parents until the age of 21 and I moved out when I got my first job, that too only because it was in a different city. We have shifted numerous times in those 21 years but home has always been where my parents are and not a particular town or city. For past 13 years, home has been at Mysore. It has been the longest time that I have called a single place my home. So yes, it has a special place in my heart and my life.

Once I moved to Bangalore and me and the husband bought the house there, I have tried calling it my home. I have almost succeeded. Since past 6 years, I have not lived with my parents and by now I am sort of getting used to it. When I am now at Mysore, I long to be home at Bangalore and I dream of doing different things there, make plans, though once there all that hardly happens because very comfortably I slip into my usual routine.

Now a time has come in my life when I need my parents once again, emotionally and physically. They have always been there though, without asking, somewhere lurking in the shadows I leave while I tread ahead in my life. Sometimes quietly and sometimes loudly, they have watched me shift from one phase to another in my life. A couple of weeks back I felt the longing to be with my parents and just become their child again with no other responsibilities.

So it has been ten days here now, with them. Though nothing happened in these ten days, I felt at home, cradled in their care and love. I realised how much my parents miss having their daughters around and though we have moved ahead in life, they are sort of in the same place just sans half of their family.They haven’t shifted houses or changed jobs!

Since my mom got the chance again to stay with me now and will be staying with me for a while this year, she is looking forward to it more than anything else. She is making sure all my wishes are getting fulfilled because it’s been a while since she has been able to do that. But I am not a baby anymore either. So we are trying to help each other as much as we can and I love the harmony in it. I am excited to be in on this journey again with my parents along with my husband.

I am going to back to Bangalore and as usual, with lot of plans of what I’ll do once there. But I am waiting to get back here and celebrate Vishu after many years with them and spend some good times with them this year. Cheers to that! :)


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