(not) a LOT of things

As I sit here on my dining table, recovering from a second bout of fever this monsoon, I remember to blog. :)

I got a job at a place I liked and have come to love now, a place so far, but worth it. I have been busy like hell, hardly writing, hardly reading, hardly even cooking. I finally got a break last month, a break so short, when we and another couple drove off to Wayanad and stayed atop a hill for a night. It was rejuvenating, not to mention my first long ride in vehicle as big as an XUV500.


Me and the husband had had such less “us time” since past two months, that we headed of to a coffee shop and talked straight for three hours on a weekend. I felt a weight lifting off my shoulder, I am sure he felt the lightness too.

I have set into this comfort of getting up everyday, going to work, coming back and sleeping, I feel lifeless. My zeal, which I had developed over my 3 months of break is slowly slipping away, I have only a handful of it left and need to start building on it.

So coming back to my bout of fever, I have been inside my house for almost a week. I got over my stubbornness of finishing Little Women before moving on to another book and picked up Alphabet for Soup Lovers by Anita Nair from my latest book haul, which was just before I joined back for work. I realized my kind of books are simple, easy to read. At least, for now. I have not even eaten enough mangoes this summer. I am making up for it with whatever’s left now.


Without even realising, a year since we moved to our home has gone by. It has been too quick to be real. There is still so much that has to come in here, but nevertheless, I am in love with it and the feeling. I feel home here than anywhere else, even if I am alone! No wonder I can’t even think of giving it out for rent and moving closer to office. It is out of question, ok? I cut my trip to Kerala short this time because I was feeling sick and I felt only getting back here will make me feel better and it did. Someday, I will have to move out and I cannot imagine what I will go through then, yet. My heart fills with warmth as soon as I am here, no wonder I don’t step out during weekends now.

As it goes in the movie Sisters

House is a place and Home is a feeling.

I am getting a lot of thoughtful quotes from the book I am reading now.

You can get used to anything after a while.

My mom read this book while she visited me for a week and told me it’s just a normal story, thats all. But it all comes down to how you perceive it, doesn’t it? Reminds me of the night we, our group from work, drank to glory and sang songs of John Denver and Neil Diamond till it was almost dawn. It brought us all together in so many ways. I hardly sang but I relished every bit of it because I could see how it made people around me happy. It is so true that you should always surround yourself with happy people, keeps you happy too.

I went to Kerala this weekend for my grandma’s 80th birthday. It always makes me feel surreal to watch her. My dad said in the function that

Mother is the only Reality in this world.

I suddenly missed my niece and nephew today. I remembered that train journey we had, tired and full after a marriage sadhya. While everyone was complaining about the heat and sleepiness, I kept them engaged with English word games and we didn’t even realise when we reached home.

Idle time is so hard to kill, yeah? Fill it with something and that time is gone, whoosh! So be careful of what you fill it with people. After all, there is only so much time that we have and soon our grandchildren will be celebrating our 80th. Let’s create nice stories to tell them. :)

Until next time,



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