Being without a Job

When I left my job in Feb, I was stressed and tired. And most importantly, unhappy with my job. I was sure I made the right decision, because I knew I was sailing in a sinking ship. I thought I’ll take a month’s break (I had to, with all the interior work going on in my apartment) and then start applying for jobs and scheduling interviews. However I finished my 3rd month of being without a job in April. Up until mid of April, I was busy as a bee. I have done a lot during this break and I am extremely happy with the results.

This was not planned though. Something unexpected happened, which stretched my break for so long. But it gave me a chance to unwind and truly get a detox by going to Kolkata and staying with my parents in a sort of recluse. I have already talked about it. Staying there made me do things I have been trying to get started for a really long time – a year to be exact.

I have to say my single biggest achievement has been that I am exercising again. I finally got into the habit of a morning walk and a workout. I am finally doing something to take care of my body. It has been a uphill task to stay motivated but I can say that I am finally through with the starting troubles that come with a new habit. It’s been 50 days almost. Yay me!

I also tripped to Goa with the husband, a trip after a very very long time. I even spent a couple of weeks with my in laws but I must say, I ain’t going back there until it rains. The heat almost killed me.

Once I was back in Bangalore mid April after all this, I spent a couple of days organising and cleaning the house. So that was also done. Now what? That became the biggest question for me everyday by 9am. I had hardly had any motivation to be inside the house full time. I could read, watch movies, get crafty but I wouldn’t. I just wouldn’t feel like and hobbies are not to be forced, obviously. I had a baking spree on a weekend and another weekend I spent in my kitchen garden, re arranging and getting covered in mud. Basically, I hated being alone and loved to be in action around people.


I couldn’t go out because that would mean spending and I hated spending money on luxury, especially when I was out of work. It brought lot of guilt inside me and that started eating me up. I realised that even though I dreamt of days sitting at home, chilling like the housewives while I was working I was not made for that. I couldn’t do it. This realisation kind of made me happy because secretly I wished for the same.


I started frantically applying for jobs and was happy to get a few calls for interviews. I was very choosy even to go to an interview because I was quite confident that if I go, I’ll get it. So I had to be sure it’s a job and company I’ll stick to. I wanted to be sure I don’t have such a break again. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait much longer for such an opportunity. This new job is going to push my limits, it will kick me out of my comfort zone for good and I can’t wait to get started.

My big long vacation is finally coming to an end and even though I did well during this break, I’m glad to be going back out there.

PS: guys, I would love it for you to hop over to my Instagram feed, the link to which you will find on my sidebar here. I put lot of random pictures there but I have also found it to be a great way of mini-blogging. Check it out!


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