Of finding Great things

I have been reading markmanson.net ever since I came across the first article there that my cousin shared with me. It’s like a self help blog but then not at all like one. You feel like a friend giving you dating tips or advice on finance while reading it. That is the one thing that has kept me hooked to it as well. I always have at least one of his articles open in a tab. Right now, I have four. :) Big inspiration to write this.

I have gone through quite a rough patch this last month, Yes, even with the Goa trip! It has put a lot of things into perspective and a lot out of it. Mark Manson’s blog has helped me clear my head and fill it in with better things. An inspiration to become the person I am. With whatever I have, I could be me but I am not. Inhibitions, laziness and ego are playing a big role in hindering my path to becoming me.

Becoming me. That is what we are doing all our lives. We are never content with what we are. We still have some things we should have never said or things that we should have. Constantly trying to become myself is what my life is going to be all about. It took me sometime to understand this so if you are hearing this for the first time, don’t be surprised if this makes no sense. I am, myself, still figuring it all out.

I have been talking to my friend and realised we all have our dream lands that we escape to at the time of distress. I thought I was wasting time.


Similarly procrastination is a disease every second person has. It has made me realise that I am already not a bad person. I am already not doing many things wrong.

Appreciation has always been a catalyst to my development.

As I was telling my friend every discussion of solutions to the problems should end on a positive note. Only then I will feel like at least giving it a try.

I have been thinking that my break from work and my life in Bangalore is stretching too long. May be it was a much needed detox. I have already cut two weeks out of it coz I can’t wait to be there and put some actions to my thoughts. I have some more reading, some more organizing and some more pampering left to do before that. :)

I am already getting up at a time I always wanted to from past 10 days, which is big for a perennial lazy bum like me. I have realised the toughest part of the day for a person like me is to just get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom in the morning. Once this little task is done, there is no looking back!

Isn’t that great? I always knew my problem and now I know how to tackle it too!

I have discovered that pump music is what I need as soon as I get up. Not devotional songs or a pooja. It brings a spring in my step and pastes a smile on my face. I don’t need that heavy mug of coffee. I need the lukewarm lemon and honey juice. I also learnt an easy-peasy way to make it from mom!

I realised that Pranayam is something I should do at the end of all my yogasanas, just before shavasana coz when I do it in the beginning, I go back to sleep, lol. ;) You know how I sum this all up?

Take advice and then twist it to suit yourself!

You know how we never listen to our parents or spouse and then when a third person says the same thing, we spring to action and work on it? Well, that’s what has happened with the advice on managing my anger.

A friend of mine, who never says a negative thing about me was pissed and told me to sort out my anger pangs and that he doesn’t ever want to face it again. That hit the spot. I saw a video of Brahma Kumari Shivani giving advice on how to tackle anger. I am yet to completely view the video but I got the idea to work on for now.

Basically, we get angry when someone does something wrong (according to us). Ideally, getting angry is not a great righteous thing to do in itself. How will you justify your anger then?

Once I saw my friend was very angry at something. We were sitting in a group and she suddenly walks off to the nearest water can and drinks a cup of water. She comes back, smiles and we continue as if nothing happened. Her face had relaxed and she was genuinely out of the danger zone. This happened several years back and I didn’t give a second thought to it until the lady in this video said the exact same thing!

When you are about to get angry – walk away, drink some water or take few deep breaths.

Such a simple solution for a problem that can create very big problems!

I am signing off this post with a hope to find more great stuff to share here in the coming days! Stay inspired folks!!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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