Salboni was my second home in my whole lifetime and since this involved more of my little sister, less of my father, more travelling, more of school and friends, more years and less complications in life, this holds a very important place in my heart, just like all other places I have lived in. Coming back here after 11 years in 2014 was surreal. The winters had worsened and the place had little changed. Now in 2016, I can see more as I am here during the start of a horrid summer, there is lot of sun shining, lot more days at hand, the house being in place as my mom is also here and very less to get me back to Bangalore.

It’s been just two days and I already know my favourite thing other than being with my parents of course. It’s the birds. Lots and lots of it and some I have never seen, chirping away to glory from sun break to dawn. I go for a walk in the morning before the sun heats up and the roads are tarred and neat, there is hardly any soul walking, there are a lot of mini forests in the township that we live in. I heard there have been sightings of wolf! Nature is something that brought me back here after a year. As I was telling my good friend, it’s like living in retreat and with home made food. What more can one ask for?


Our front porch


Just outside the township, it rained yesterday after a very hot day. Thank God? :)


All this freshness and being away from technology, the internet is slow here, has helped me read. I’m already on my second book and hope to be on my third one by the time I am going back.

The last time I was here I said it’s my last time so this time I am just gonna wait and see. :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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