Reminiscing about UK past

Yet again, I find myself torn and terribly missing the winter I spent in UK two years back. I am reading this book – Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee and in a chapter Scout Finch (as she is famously known in To Kill a Mockingbird) is reminiscing about her summers during childhood. I started reading the book just today in another attempt to catch the reading bug.

My house has been swarming with workers and I am bombarded on a daily basis with very disturbing sounds of them drilling, cutting, etc to make my house look more beautiful. I cannot move around and I have to stay put in a place the entire day. I found Gossip Girl on Netflix, which kept me hooked and busy for days, not realizing how many of them have gone by. Then I watched some movies and today I closed the Netflix chapter by watching Kramer vs Kramer in the morning – a very endearing movie.

Now what else can one do when you have to stay on the sofa all day long? Read and so that’s what I have been doing today. I have decided to go clean with my eating and so had a salad and apple juice for lunch and settled down with Part 2 of the book. And then the reminiscing began.

I have said so much above, lol, completely taking it away from the subject. From time to time I picture myself back in Yeadon, walking through the lanes to places with my room mate. I have thought how it would be to go back to Borrowdale Croft. I regret not having penned down anything over my 5 months there except about my trip to London, which was epic. Its been two years and obviously, a few things are fading away but most of it is still fresh in my mind. I can close my eyes now and I will be there. I haven’t forgotten the cold, the feeling of landing there and the feeling of my last day there – in all three cases, I felt a chill throughout my body.

I remember my first day, the temperature shock and the options-of-food shock. I remember feeling scared and feeling like I wouldn’t last there a week, lest alone months.

I remember the winter – sometimes so cold, it hurt. My gloves were not enough on my walk around the lake in Yeadon. The walkway had almost turned into ice, making it very difficult for us to walk with our normal shoes and I almost thought the bones in my fingers were going toΒ break. We had chosen a wrong Sunday morning for the walk.

I remember my last day, leaving 16, Borrowdale Croft in a cab looking back at it for as long as I could see it. My eyes were glued to the scenery outside throughout the ride to Leeds station and then in the train to Manchester. I wanted to see everything, if I have missed anything and everything that I have already seen many times, just once more. I was frantic and by the time I walked my last steps on the UK land and my plane took off, I was numb and feeling a heavy pit in my stomach. I tried not to think about it and distracted myself by watching Gravity 36000 ft above sea level. That was something!

I remember a lot more. I want to write about my life in Yeadon -how a typical day turned out to be and about Scotland and Wales – posts coming soon.


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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