Of having friends

When you grow older, you meet more people and you are supposed to have more friends, more people you know and those who know you. But hardly that happens. It is so much more easier to make friends when you are younger. You are uninhibited, you have lesser things to hide and you know less about the world and it’s people. If both of you like the same color and the same teacher, you fit smoothly into the the criteria of being the best of friends.

Once you enter your 20s or even much before that, those likes are the last thing you ask the person who has a possibility of being your friend. You know too much, you have met too many kinds of people and you have done so much that you hardly want to let anyone in on it.

I don’t believe friends are people you meet, talk and pour out your secrets too. I could do that with a stranger today I meet on the bus. Friends are people you are sure will welcome you with open arms when you run to them in the time of need – need to share happiness and sorrow. You hardly know all this as a kid and that is why you are hardly in touch with people from your school days today. Β That is a rare breed to find, you are lucky if you have more than one of them.

The number of people today whom I would put into that box can be counted in one hand.Β I am writing these thoughts down here in honor of those few people who have truly defined friendship for me. Some of them are in another continent, some I haven’t spoken to in months and some I chat with every single day. They are all very different people and still fit in so well with me. I am lucky to have found them and as I grow older and meet a lot more people, I hope to find more such, on very rare occasions.

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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