A clean slate

A new year gives you 12 brand new months on repeat, 365 fresh days for you to do it all over again. Of course you get older but it is another opportunity, another chance to start from scratch.

January was about wiping my slate clean. As I read in another blogger’s post, emptying the cup. I realized the only step I need to take for this was to quit my job. To trash all the negativity that came with it and create a good amount of space in my head, my inbox and my life for other things. I watched this TED video where speaker talks about refreshing yourself every few years for a few months, instead working hard continuously and hoping to enjoy the retired life. His idea, if implemented, will not only keep our minds fresh but also increase our productivity. I am glad I am on such a break to figure things out for myself. I am also glad my family and friends are so supportive of this. I also read a post on my dear friend’s about doing less and doing it better. Β I am a thinker and I should add this activity to my to-do list daily to keep some time to just sit and think. It could be anything from retrospecting about the day or building up on that idea that’s been doing rounds in myΒ mind for a while now.

Today is my first day of nothing. It started with this beautiful feeling of getting up to a blank canvas, waiting to get painted. I have a few things sorted already. Remember how I wrote about getting fit being my only goal this year? Yes, it is still my highest priority and I pretty much have an idea on how I am going to achieve this. I am going to do four things:

  1. Surya Namaskar – Β It is one of my favorite exercises of all times and I hope to do a 100 at a time one day.
  2. Pilates – When I went to the gym and attended different group classes, this one hit home. I really feel Pilates is going to make me strong.
  3. Meditation – I have to learn this art and I am going to start with a short 10 min routine every day. I am hoping this will help me flush out all my negative energy.
  4. Eating right – Being a foodie and having a huge capacity to eat, this is going to be tough. I have been wanting to turn vegetarian for a long while now. I have been trying to get my husband to do the same but it ain’t happening. So this is going to be a solo project. I know it will be too much to ask for to quit in a go. So I am going to take it step by step. I am going to allow myself to cheat once a week to start with. Sounds great, yeah? I am SO up for this.

I want to start something on my own – however small it is. I am juggling between different things that I can do at the moment.

I am going to bake a lot of bread and master it. Muffins too. :)

February is already planned and I know it is going to get over before I know it. I am excited about this month and all that’s gonna happen. I am excited about how our house is turning out to be. I can’t wait to see it finished!

I have also found my place to sit and write. My husband’s study is in front of this huge window that overlooks our kitchen garden. To sit here in the morning after the husband has left for work with my notepad and laptop is what I wait for since I wake up. It is beautiful, sunny and energizing to see all the greenery in front of me – sun rays hitting them and new leaves and flowers sprouting every day.

I am not in a hurry to fill up my clean slate. Not at all. I want to give it time, nurture it, try different things, stick to what works and wipe the rest and repeat the cycle.

I am excited and eagerly waiting to see the final picture on that blank canvas. I am sure it will be beautiful because Life is. :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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