Birthday Stories

As I munch on toast and a herb-y omlette this morning, my thoughts are still with the stories of yesterday night. I finished reading the first book of this year, Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami. I first came across this book in a photograph, years back when I was in college. I fell in love with the cover instantly. But it was not until years later, last year that I finally bought it.

I wrote in the first page of the book – “Bought with Krithika during our visit to Blossoms”. There is a lot of story in that line, which I will keep for another post.

Reading those 13 birthday stories, most of them dark, I mostly fell in love with the writings than the story itself. All 13 stories are by 13 different authors so I was bombarded with so many different writing styles in one single book. That’s the beauty of an anthology, I guess. I feel it was right to start the year with the book. I also experienced Murakami’s writings in one of those stories and it was so beautiful. I can’t wait to buy more of his works.

In this age of Kindle and e-Reading, I had decided long back I am never gonna succumb to it. I cannot really feel anything reading an e-book, I’ve tried. It feels dead to me. I need the crunch of the papers, feel the texture as I turn pages and hug the book when I fall in love with it. I am going to order 3 bookshelves for my home to start with. Yes, that’s a start. Haha. I already have my eyes on the three and very soon they will adorn the living room of my home.

As I read through this book, I tried to remember different birthdays of my life. Not only mine.

My earliest birthday memories dates back to my sister’s 4th birthday party. My own birthday, I don’t remember before the 7th grade. I am sure I had parties in the ones before them but this one was the most memorable, the most crowded. Then birthday parties took a back seat and I don’t remember anything about my birthdays until my 20th one, where I decided to have a girls party. It was fun and I received a lot ofΒ gifts after a long time!

On my 22nd birthday, my dad took me to a jewelry store and bought me a ring. Even after marriage, that is the only ring I wear today. I was staying away from my parents doing a job and had just announced about being engaged. It felt more like a parting gift to me. A gift before I leave the family to join another one. We all were so happy in that store that day.

Then of course, I had my 24th birthday party in the United Kingdom, where I baked my own birthday brownie and we had a huge pizza party. Birthdays have always been a big deal for me and I love celebrating them, celebrating life and being thankful for another year.

I am looking forward to my 30th birthday, hoping to give another big party! :)




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