2015 and 2016

I have never written a year-gone-by post or what-I’m-looking-forward-to-in-the-next-year post but I am going to today. Why, you wonder? Because I think I have reached that point in life where reflecting and anticipating has become a really important part. I have reached a stage where I need to know what I did with my year and need to have a goal of what I want from the coming one. I am going to be 26 next month and I feel this is the perfect time to stop, reflect and set goals because it is now or too late.


I kicked off last year in Kolkata, a place where I spent most of my childhood years reminiscing about those times and showing my husband around. It felt great to be there with him and show him my road to school and the tiny railway quarters where we lived in. Sadly, the place hasn’t changed much in last 12 years. We had a jolly time there with my dad and the cold cold weather. Today my sister and mom are having the same jolly time with my dad there. Sweet.

The next couple of months were the toughest months of the year where a big decision was looming ahead and I was just not sure whether to take it. Me and my husband were living apart for almost 1.5 years and it didn’t make any sense at all to continue that way. The place where I was, was not a place where I belonged to. I wanted to be back in Bangalore before we moved into our own apartment and finding a job was not as easy as it was for me during my first switch. I was almost on the brink of falling into depression when in April, I took a week off and came to Bangalore. I had a couple of interviews lined up in non-IT fields and still work of my interests. My husband also couldn’t bear to see me this way and asked me to quit. He said we will see everything else later and I want you to be back to normal first. I got a small job with my first interview and the same day I quit. I cried because I loved the company I was working for and I still feel it is one of the most employee friendly companies to exist. However, my life was planned differently.

I was finally back in Bangalore and back with my husband. I met the most selfless girl at my new workplace and we instantly clicked. The workplace itself was really bad and monotonous. I was still searching for a better job and we mostly waved away the time by walking around Ulsoor lake or drinking coffee for hours at Costa. Within a month I found a job nearer to my place and settled in there within a week.

I loved my new job, my colleagues and my workplace. It was great to finally find my place. I out-shined and got promoted in just 3 months and now head a complete department at this start-up. My work at this place gave me a lot of confidence, it helped me prove myself to myself more than anybody else. I think moving out of IT, starting fresh in a new field and succeeding ten folds in just few months there is my first big solo achievement of 2015.Β 

We moved into our new, our own home in June in presence of our parents and after a small pooja. Setting up the house was an uphill task and still is because though it has been more than 6 months here, we are still collecting bits and pieces. I learned a lot during this period. We were undergoing a financial crunch, we cut down on so many things and we became so conscious of every rupee spent. We consoled each other when we missed a concert or couldn’t buy that awfully beautiful branded pair of shoes. It made me realise how much this house means to us and how much supportive we are of each other. We have seen a lot of change over these months. We put grills in our balcony and set up a small kitchen garden, which is yet to give fruits. But as I sit here by the large window overlooking my garden filled with sunshine, I feel proud. When I look at our living room and see how from an empty hall, a sofa set, my dream coffee table from UL has taken up the space, I no more think about the mall outings or expensive gourmet food that I missed this year.Β Pulling off everything and still being financially independent (something that felt impossible when I quit my job in April) would be our biggest win of the year.Β 

My parents completed 30 years of married life and we completed 3. It was celebrated well and it was the first time we were together on our anniversary day. In last year, we fought a lot and broke things, just like the year before but we also bonded over the most and many differences were put to rest, thanks to CCD visits and long walks.

I got the reading bug back for a short while and finished 5-6 books in the first half of the year as opposed to my goal of 10. I am still happy with it because number of books read in past 3-4 years were far less than this.

During the later part of the year, I finally started giving care to my body and health. I am finally breaking out of my comfort zone and moving it!

My biggest regret would be that we missed our annual vacation. I didn’t do much photography or cooking experiments this year, especially the second half.And many more things have been put off for the next year, which makes it very essential to set goals for 2016.

I celebrated NYE in a very Bangalore style by hitting a pub and partying till past midnight. It was superb while it lasted and I had one more thing ticked off my list.


Day 1 started with a hangover, of course and is a blur, sadly. I made a decision to never party on NYE, not because I regretted it because though it was fun while it lasted, I wanted to have a better first day of the year experience! I decided to spend new year’s at a different place every year and I wish next one will be in Dubai :P Well, I can wish for anything, right? ;)

I never have made any new year’s resolution and I make only two this year because I finally believe that I can keep my promises to myself. Lol. First half of my year, I am going to completely focus on improving my fitness. By June, I want to declare myself as a fitness freak! After that, I want to run. Next, I want to read 10 books this year, yeah, I am going to be reasonable and not say 50!

I want to be cooking more often and learn the art of baking breads. My kitchen has been a mess with no shelves, which I am planning to fix in the first 3 months of the year and then no one can stop me! I also hope to grow my own veggies and green leaves, become at least 50% self sufficient.

I want to bring in a lot of DIY craft works into my home decor and I am going to start with painting glass bottles very soon, yay! By end of this year I want my home to be set up and yet have ample space for add-ons that I will collect.

I want to travel to at least 3 places this year, two out of which are already planned :D I want to go off beat, try new things, especially things that scares the hell out of me like sea gliding.

Now for the biggest thing, I want to start my own business and trust me, ideas are overflowing in my head right now. My mind is on fire and I already have co-founders. I want it to be my biggest win this year, my biggest lesson and if not famous, at least be successful enough in it.

I think that’s it, very achievable goals right? :) I hope you have set few for yourself and I wish you the very best to have them all in your kitty by the end of 2016.

Last, but not the least, I also want babies this year. *shies and runs away from the laptop*






Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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