A coffee date

Life is keeping me so busy that I don’t realise when the day turns into the night and when the night makes way for the morning. This gives me a sense of accomplishment, something I have craved for long. I always wanted a busy life, it will help me control my mind better, I won’t have time to let my mind meander and mind you, my mind meanders a lot. I also feel this is a proof of being happy. I am happy in life, I don’t feel that so easily. I am not going to rest. I feel a sense of pride in what I do on a daily basis, this gives me a sense of direction, the right direction. For the first time ever, I feel confident of achieving my life goal.

My life goal brings me to the coffee date. I have recently discovered the coffee places to be less the place to drink coffee and more a place to talk, discuss, argue, think, create and contemplate. My last coffee date was with my husband, we had gone to a nearby cafe on a chilly night after dinner. After settling down with our cappuccinos in comfy chairs, we started talking. A question popped in my mind out of nowhere.

I asked my husband – What is your goal in life? I told him upfront that I don’t want answers like I want to be successful, have a happy family and all that. It could be anything, even materialistic and totally selfish. Come on, it is your life and you have only one, you deserve it moreΒ than anyone else. When he looked unsure after a couple of minutes, I decided to give him a start by telling him what my goal was.

I have thought a lot about it, been unsure, felt uncomfortable about it and then finally realized, it is definitely the best thing that could happen to me. It is not becoming a mother or being excellent in my career. That will happen as a way of life. I wanted it to be something that is different from the normal path of lives. It should be something I would literally carry with me to my grave.

I want to travel to Europe and South America. Don’t ask me how I landed up with only these two places. I just feel they are very rich in culture. I know I will learn more in my trip than I would all my life living the way I do now. I have that thirst of knowledge, the curiosity of their lives, food and culture. It always takes my breath away! I will surely go to Europe on a one month holiday, one month not so late as when I would need a walking stick. I can see it happening. I live to see that dream come true and I will put my last breath to it. I am unclear myself why I am so passionate about this, why am I so crazy.

I like crazy. I feel little bit of madness brings enthusiasm in my life and drive to do a lot more. We talked about his dreams then and I imagined living them too. I felt good that I could connect with his dreams and he could connect with mine. I felt lucky once again to have him in my life. I will feel successful on the day when both our dreams come true and my life is dedicated to that.

Dreams are for real people, just put your mind to it. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “A coffee date

  1. Travel!! You can do it! :) Europe and South America are a great choice I think! And honestly, if you have a thirst for their cultural knowledge I would find a way to work/volunteer/live in each place for a bit. You learn and experience so much more when you are living like a local than when you just stay in the nice resorts and eat wherever trip advisor recommends. Ya know? Just a thought i guess :) workaway.info is a really cool site to check out!

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