Times now

No, the title has nothing to do with the newspaper.

I have not even had the time to blink my eye since the Sunday I talked about last time. Weeks are whooshing past like a hailstorm. And who is happy being in a hailstorm? Me! Me! Me! My new workplace, freelancing, setting up the house – my life has come down to this now. Lucky for me, I love doing all the three! So I hardly notice that I do not have any free time. Free time to do what anyway? I am already doing what I love!

The new office is a great space, gives me no feeling of being in an office, there is lot of music and laughter and at times, much needed tension. I have met some really nice and enthusiastic people over the past month and I am so glad I took the plunge. I am no more responding to emails with job opportunities in IT. There is money but there is only that. Hence I am taking myself down from all the job search sites I registered. I am in a happy place and I am me. What more could I ask for?

Freelancing is another completely new thing I am getting into. I am so happy with the kind of reception I have got. I cannot wait to collaborate with more start-ups and make them my forte.

We almost have all the fixtures fixed in the house now, there is a long way to go and we are taking it one by one, taking our time and making sure that is what we really want. I am loving my new kitchen and the dining area, which is central to the house and my chill-out area. We bought a new radio before that thing goes extinct and it is almost always on. TV is almost forgotten and am I glad!

I did buy some basic baking stuff and make a chocolate cake last week, it came out so well that my hands are already itching to bake more. I cannot wait to buy a loaf pan and bake my first ever bread. I feel it will be the decider of my future in baking. :)

Our family is completely split now. We were the four and now it is just two and the daughters have moved away. I suddenly realized this one day morning and ended up wiping tears. :/

I have been doing some random online shopping and cannot wait for my sister to visit to do some actual shopping. I am really looking forward to spend some quality time with her during the one week that she will be here. I hope my work doesn’t consume me completely, not that I will mind.

I miss cooking and hence went to the supermarket ad bought lots of ingredients so that I will force myself to cook to use them up. Clever? ;)

There is so much happening and so much to look forward to. In between all this, there are many things which I want to find time for on a daily basis. I am slowly working towards it. It feels great to put everything out here and some more in my journal. It is like I have pressed the rewind button and watching again from the time I left off last time here.

Much love.

2 thoughts on “Times now

  1. Hi Meera, Loved your post, so happy and so fresh, wishing you many more laughter filled days …I have been a silent reader but your enthusiasm made me write this.. looking forward to mores posts… take care

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