Weekends now

Weekends now are a place to rest, to just be home. Go out for a jog or to buy some weekly groceries and nothing else. Oh yes, the customary visit to our flat is a must. So proud that its almost done and we will be moving in soon. I cook a feast occasionally, take my dslr out and do some shoots. I clean the house and we watch the un-ending malayalam film strips on tv rolling on the floor laughing. We share our latest discoveries in music and philosophy. We fight and make up. We chat for hours with our neighbours. Rarely go out for eating. Afternoons are mostly spent reading a book and sometimes dozing off. No regrets. When we are bored, we take a walk. We don’t plan for anything. Yeah, may be because we are almost broke, but am I glad!

I am actually resting, catching up on my talks with the husband and the people back home rather than sitting behind the bike for hours to catch some random movie and spend hundreds on food. I am not doing un-real things like browsing ecommerce website for nothing or browsing and ending up spending more.


It was different when we were in trivandrum. It is not metro so we don’t have to think about expense plus there are beaches in trivandrum! Nothing like going to a beach and soaking up in the warmth of a sunset, maybe munching on something or feeling the sand slip through your toes. How I miss it!

But what I don’t miss is the malls or the temptation to buy things you don’t need. I don’t miss getting stuck in the traffic or inhaling all the pollution. I rever in being home, cooking for my husband. Spending two whole days with him and sharing all the activities ending up feeling its been days. My weekends end with the warmth of love, togetherness and a promise. Promise of coming back and giving me this feeling all over again, something I will never get bored of.

But this time around I will have to wait a bit longer. Our next three weekends are packed with activities – visiting home, our move to the flat and a wedding. I am looking forward to the change and having such a peaceful weekend again in my new home. Until then, I am in for all the hullabaloo thats about to happen!

Have a great week ahead people! And don’t forget to laugh!



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