Palace of Illusions

I hadn’t heard of this book until my friend promptly lent it to me, knowing somehow that I will enjoy it and I did!

It got me hooked to a corner of the house for straight 12 hours, I give all the credit to the writer. Only a few can make me do so. Also because I know the story of Mahabharata, I was more and more interested. This was no usual narration. The whole epic in Draupadi’s words – something nobody would ever think of doing. It felt really good reading the epic from a woman’s point of view and felt very different too. I think it put each character in its true light, including Draupadi’s.

Krishna’s narration of life as a flower is something to be remembered.

After the sufferings of everyone, you feel your heart go out to Karna, strangely. Actually not so strange, since Draupadi is the one telling you the story.

The last chapter left me contemplating for a long time, which described moments just before death of a person. How your life flashes by and how suddenly you find the answer for what you have been searching all your life. But is the answer worth it now? At the moment of death?

I loved how the book says that in heaven, there are no relations, no bonds, you start from scratch, all over. Is it like a second chance? It seems to be a place where one can truly be oneself and express exactly how they feel. It made me wish such a place really exists.

However, a war, so many lives, for something as silly as this? Ego, pride and righteousness, all used in a wrong way I feel. If something like gods exists, I don’t believe their thoughts are as small as this, which makes it hard to put your faith in this story.

Pardon me if I have conflicted your thoughts and respect for this epic, but these are just my humble thoughts on reading the book. Some things I want to remember this book by. Nevertheless, an excellent and exhilarating read.

PS: I am onto my next one, A year in Provence. I hope it takes me places.

PPS: Thank whoever for bringing me back my reading bug!


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