Finally peace

After all those months of tormenting myself, putting myself in a difficult position and hating every moment of it, all it took was a resignation letter to bring peace back into my life. I have realised that taking risks are essential and plunging into the unknown, sometimes, can get you what you have wanted for long. It’s not easy to make up your mind since we have been trained to do certain things in certain ways only. But only when we go off track, we discover our strengths and stumble upon something new and interesting to do in life.

I have lived those bad seven months in just one really good month. I learnt a lot but I am not ready to put myself there again. This month in Bangalore has been the most happiest and peaceful time for me in over an year.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the fun times I had with friends. Thanks to them, I could revisit some of the good old memories. There is a thing about meeting your best friend and spending a whole day with them after not having met for years. It is so rejuvenating. I am also lucky to have landed in a kind of job I always wanted to do. It has its cons but the pros are for lifelong. I have to give a lot of credit to my life partner who really was my pillar of strength during all those bad months and now giving me the freedom and space I craved for. The super power whom we like to call God really saved himself from losing my trust. He always does that with me. I have never got anything in life too easily, which has of course taught me so much about life itself.

I blog and I could write only because of the mistakes I made and the harsships I faced. I will sign off with the certainity that I can pull off anything and make my life a happy place again.



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