Life changing, changing me

Of late, I feel all grown up and different. I am looking for activities in life that push me out of my comfort zone, yet are very useful, at least much more useful than how I usually spend time, lazing around, FB-ing and going out for nothing. I cannot pin-point what triggered this change in me. May be its the fact I realised that I should stop putting things off, keeping it for later in life or excusing myself by saying, “I will start it when I move to my new flat.”. I am fed up of hearing it myself.

Before I dwell into the “useful things” I have come up with, I have news, awesome news.

Remember how I was talking about not keeping well and how frustrated I was living in another town than my husband? Well, not any more. Thanks to a lot of stuff I came across online during the time and my husband too finally giving up, I packed my bags and came to Bangalore one fine day, just like that. I took one week sick leave never to get well again. As if waiting for me to just do that, I got an offer to join as a copy editor in a company. As if waiting for me to do that, my previous company relieved me quickly, I didn’t care.

It’s going to be a month since I moved back with my husband and my mind has changed so much. So fast. I feel like I am running with just sips of water at irregular intervals, but I am not panting at all, which is a good sign. In a week’s time I had a new job, put in my resignation and a second hand two wheeler, all set to start my life in this beautiful city.Bangalore will have to be made up into another post, so I am not getting into that right now. My new job has its downs but the ups are so fantastic, so rejuvenating with the shocking revelations of the language each day, that I am just waiting to get back the next day to discover something new. I never knew English would have so much power on me, I never realised I loved it so much. Am I glad or not!

Shifting to this completely new realm in my career was not an easy choice. Its something I have always wanted to do and never thought would do it so soon. It took lot of contemplation, risks and my husband’s support to arrive at this decision. Weeks are flying by and I am much much much more relaxed now, both of us are happy and after a long time, I feel content even though I am almost broke. It doesn’t matter, my present is truly a gift.

I got drunk almost thrice in this month, watched over 3 movies, ate outside numerous times but the one-time, early Sunday morning walk in Cubbon Park changed my idea of spending leisure time completely. I have been thinking of chess, cards, dart boards, running marathons, picnics, nature walks and reading again ever since. Thanks to some inspiration from reading, talking to people and the friend who actually gifted us a dart board! It is great that my husband loves the idea as much as I do, I don’t need to look for a companion.

In the coming weeks, I am eagerly looking at learning a lot of English, making new friends and starting with said activities.

PS: I want to remember yesterday as the day I drove 15 kms in heavy rain and traffic, through unknown routes, following strangers, while many watched me weirdly from the shade of the shops, escaping from something as beautiful as rain. To all those poor souls and my dear readers, it’s chao chao from my side of the world!

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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