I have realized over time, over 25 years of experiences, that everything in your life is a choice. But I have realized over an year that just choosing what to do every next moment of your life is not enough. What is more important is to choose wisely.

Should I be-friend this person?

Should I stay in touch with this person?

Should I go to this marriage of a distant friend, even if it meant overnight journey to another city just because you want to show your presence?

Especially when doing a favor. If he was in my place, would he have done the same for me?

I feel other than in marriage, whenever you do something, you do it coz it benefits you too and you expect the same thing or may be something different from the person or from that incident. If it doesn’t, then you must be doing some charity work.

You study hard coz you expect to get admission in the college of your dreams. You give your friend company when she is alone coz you expect her to give you company sometime when you might get alone.

Life is full of give and takes, lets accept it.

I have decided to choose wisely from now on. I have two back to back marriages for next two weekends. I have decided to cut short both of them coz one is not worth the travel, in fact I might get sick in return for it and the second one is of a person I don’t like so much but she is a colleague and might get helpful anytime. No, I am not being selfish! Then again I have a marriage the next week, but I already planned to go to Bangalore and spend time with my husband and do some planning for our new home and its wall colors. I am not changing my plan coz I know the person in question wouldn’t have if she was to come over to my place for some function. Then why should I? I am up with being nice and polite.

Every morning now I make a choice to be up early and go to the gym, have a bowl full of warm oats for breakfast, drink some tender coconut on the way to office to cool my body from the scorching summer and do some breathing exercises in the evening. This may mean lesser sleep, more expenditure and a copious amount of determination, but this also means good health – something I have been craving for way too long now.

Ah the new home reminds me, I have decided to choose to paint it differently. I will paint all my ceilings in different bright colors and leave the walls milky white to be adorned by different art pieces and more from my would be collection.

I am not a very strong minded person, so I am not sure if would have done all these things the same way if people who matter the most to me where against it. But fortunately for me, I have their full on support, which is what drives me every single day – to choose wisely.

Life is short and there is no time for many wrong choices. Amen!


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