The castle in Warwick

One year back, I was roaming in a fairy tale castle in the small town of Warwick in the United Kingdom. I had spent 5 months last year in this beautifully calm country and luckily got a room mate who had the same travel and food taste as mine. We roamed all around the country during those winter-y weekends, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes accompanied by our whole team.

Our last trip was to the Warwick castle, just two weeks before our departure. We had kept the last week before leaving for last minute shopping, packing,etc. I had started packing weeks before though, being as excited to come back home as I was to see the places in the country.

All through our weekend trips, we never got a chance to visit a castle. Being in Europe and not visiting a castle seemed like a sin. We had earlier thought of being content by visiting the small castle as part of our visit to Wales, but thankfully it was not open that day due to heavy rain and high winds. Thankfully because we wouldn’t have planned the Warwick trip otherwise, because it was worth every penny.

Not only is the castle huge, we were mesmerized by the quiet of the town, the by-lanes, the small houses with colorful lawns. We were in for a surprise as the tour was nothing less than re-visiting our old fairy tale stories. It was not only huge, but excellently maintained with courteous staff who helped us around the place. We followed the castle map and made sure we didn’t miss anything, not even the dungeons! We were awe-struck by the birds there, the eagles and the owls and their masters, the bird show just blew our mind. The birds were so interactive, it felt like human!

Towards one end of the castle, there was another garden with peacocks flocking around like hens back home. Climbing on the top of the castle tower we could see beyond the Warwick town. We saw River Avon flowing on the side of the castle and small houses lined up on the banks. We started dreaming of living beside a castle and on a river bank. Imagine! Another end of the castle had this beautiful bridge across the river which took us to a huge lawn and nothingness far and wide.

It was a very pleasant day and even the evening drizzle couldn’t dampen our spirits. We left the castle with a heavy heart, not only because we loved it, but because it was our last trip in the United Kingdom.


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