Great Blogs #5 and something new to try out

Just when I was settling back into the routine after overcoming almost a month of illness, I start feeling ill again. :/

Well, I am done with my current project at work and while I wait for another one, I read blogs, I write technical posts, I read some technical stuff too (blah) and while I settled into that monotony, two things happened.

I browsed the category of travel blogs on Google and I chanced upon this wonderful blog, which has taken me places in just two days. People, if you are the adventurous, contemplating life kinds, you will fall in love withΒ The Shooting Star. You need not love travelling to love Shivya Nath’s blog. If you are looking for some inspiration in life and feel dull, demotivated, think again or go, read her blog! I was definitely inspired by her attitude and the lesson I take away from it is something she subtly wrote as a caption for a picture in one of her posts.

Life is short; we have to set our own norms.

Not only did I pass this on to friends and family, it even lead to a long discussion with one of my cousins on how much we should or should not worry about the future.

Second thing that happened, which actually got stronger after I read this blog, is working online. I am starting to think strongly of it. I need it at this juncture in life because of many reasons. If I am able to settle in for it, at least temporarily, I can achieve a lot more and take my life to a better place soon.Β I cannot say much about it as I am myself new to it but somehow I have a good feeling about it. Cheers!

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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