Start and End of a day

Some great people have said how you start your day determines how good or bad your day is gonna be. I feel its only half the truth. There are so many external forces that control our lives. Those same great people tell us that we should not let others control our moods, our decisions. They have quoted many lines which are full of optimism and give us a lot of hope. It helps us to bring those lines into our life’s reality.

Well, easier said than done. I am not blaming or against those great people, but I know for a fact that what they say is ideal. Ideal word was born because its hard, almost impossible to make it into a reality. Its true reading their works, listening to motivating podcasts and videos helps us to drive forward, helps us to take risks but there are situations in your life which cannot be solved by 2 or 3 quotes.
Everything is dependent on whats happening at the moment. If its good, that moment is good. If you start your morning with a smile, it just means you smiles first thing you got up. It is no assurance that you will smile through the day, even if you try really hard. Your manager might kick you out of your project or you might have a bad word with your spouse. Don’t let that effect you? How? We have hormones, which produces a variety of feeling inside us and it will come out, in one way or another, good or bad.
There is something about negative feelings though. Its hard to avoid. Its hard to let go off. It doesn’t just ruin your moment, it has a lot more power than that.
So what can be done? First of all know this. What I just said above. Be aware of it. Give yourself and your body time to calm down. Do not say a word to anybody. Talk to people you hardly know. Get immersed in some work, I know its hard, but try. This may not work for all. If its too hard, too painful, let your body, your feelings flow. Let it float away, just don’t control it. Letting it out will make you feel lighter.
I would just say try not to let other people effect you, but if it does, its only human.

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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