I call it magic

March is the most silent month of the year. It comes and goes and nothing happens. Its non-existent. I am not sure why it is so. May be because for half of my life, the month meant exams. I hardly know anyone with birthdays or anniversaries in March. There is no reason for celebration.

Last year, it changed. On March 8th, I visited London. The largest city that I have been in my life. March means London to me. It brings back the memories, crisp and fresh.

February was unusually bad month for me, I blame it on bad health. Though I am still recovering, something changed, come March. It brought with it a breath of fresh air. A new song. A new book to read. A new food blog to drool at. A new, different sort of energy to learn things at work. A new way to look at things, especially things I disliked or which are not in my control.

May be it was this weekend, when I got away with friends to a place new to me for a friend’s marriage. That was a first for me, believe it or not! I thoroughly enjoyed it and soaked in the warm feeling it brought along.

I hope this change is forever?

Happy March, lovelies!


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