February fever

I mean literally fever! Come February, my favorite month of the year for obvious reasons (yeah, I was born in this month!), and I catch the worst fever that I have had in over two years. It was not letting go of me until I lost 2 days leave, some grams (which I am only glad about) and my mind (almost). I hate taking leave and sitting at home jobless because of two reasons:

1. I don’t live in my home, actually. So there is not much I can do. Its damn boring and don’t even get me started about the network coverage in the area.

2. I can save those leaves and stay back in MY home whenever I go there!

So for me, taking leaves when I am sick are really a waste of leaves. For me, leaves are vacation…holidays to be enjoyed with fun and frolic with people I love spending time with. No wonder, I hardly get to do that nowadays! :(

I have not been able to write blog, or start on my second book of the year yet. I want to before I lose the reading bug all over again!

I cannot even imagine the speed with which January just got over. One brand new month of the year gone…swish! But I did do some good, interesting stuffs –

> I went to a microbrewery Β for the first time and the husband and I went crazy there. It was awesome.

> I started and finished reading a book the same month, after a really really long time.

> I started the year off in a grand way, far away with my husband and dad – the two men in my life, in Kolkata.

> I have already tried out 3 new dishes and a few old ones. The old ones rocked as always but only one of the three new was grand. It turned out to be so good that for a change, I taught the recipe to my mother in law rather than vice-versa.

> I made some good decision about my life and career ahead and working on it. Finally feel like I am on the right track but then the road to destination is really long, still.

> I made myself proud by appearing in the credits of a video we made at office. Link –Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpuMvVL7ZeA

> Last but not the least, I performed bharatnatyam in full style after so many years. It was far from perfect, but my heart was filled with contentment.

Well, these are the highlights. February is also not far from lot of fun.

– I draped a saree all by myself. I do find it easier now, I feel more comfortable and confident.

– We are moving to the new flat of sis-in law’s (yes, I stay with her now) this month. I am looking forward to going back to gym there.

– I sort of have my birthday planned out – to be spent with mum, sis and the husband, of course.

– I will see my flat in some shape when I go to Bangalore this time coz the tiling work is complete! Yayy!

This is just a random post with some updates, to be read sometime after years and cherish. So good that I can’t wait! ;)

PS: I wanted to upload some pictures with this post, somehow wordpress is not allowing me to! :(


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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