I love to watch motivational videos, even if they bring me to tears. Especially those with real life experiences. It gives me a sort of energy. Its a constant reminder of what I should strive for daily and how trivial my problems in life are really. It assures me that I have a lot more that what a lot of people have or deserve and I should be thankful. It teaches me life lessons and now I have journal in which I note them down.

I started this by watching Robin Sharma’s videos. He is not sharing his life experience, its like teaching in class, but his tone, his body language sets him apart. It gives us the adrenaline rush needed. Whenever I read something he wrote, I am contantly nodding my head in agreement with him.

I then saw Oprah Winfrey show’s last episode, unfortunately I couldn’t find it completely, but whatever I saw, rather whatever I heard, I had goosebumps. Her words so simple, yet powerful. Watch it –Ā

Latest, I saw the interview of Indhu Mukund on NDTV, the wife of a martyr who was adorned with Ashok Chakra on Republic Day this year – her poise as she walked and received the award for her late husband stunned me. The interview, a short one, was enough to showcase her courage, her pride and her strength. I was moved to tears seeing her hold back and keep her head high. Watch it –Ā

I realized that love is something that would never die, not even in the death of the person, in fact, love is something that will keep you alive in their absence.

Maya Angelou’s poems are another source of my motivation –Ā

Hope you too find some inspiration from these links! Carpe Diem!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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