Lessons for my sister

My sister is quite different from the rest of our family, she is the eccentric types, she draws to stress it out, she studies while watching The Big Bang Theory and she sleeps at from 4 AM. She is great, self-sufficient, a ball of energy but she has flaws and there are just two things I would want to tell her (but I am not going to coz I know she won’t understand it, not yet.)

I hope one day she realizes friends are something, but family is everything.

I hope she understands that dreams may not come true, but real happiness is in making someone elseโ€™s dream come true.

PS: I almost didn’t realise – this is my 101st post :O I have crossed a 100 something posts in my other blog, so is it like I have written around 250 posts in my lifetime? God me!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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