Some people should never go.

It’s strange how some people make enormous impact on your lives, even though they have been there only for a very short period of time. It’s stranger when they are people from your workplace, with whom you have spent only hours and talked nothing but work related matters.

May its the energy they create, may be its their smile, their way of talking.

I met several such people while I was in the UK and it really makes me sad to think I will never see them again, and some of them I can’t even keep in touch coz they are leaving the company and we are not friends enough to be in touch outside of work.

Most of the times you realize the value of people when its their last day in your life. When you know you will never see or speak to them again. Then you feel like holding on to those very few moments you got to spend with them. The laughter you shared.

Sometimes its a hug, sometimes its the look they give you and at times, its just the twinkle in their eyes. Oh, and sometimes its coz you have never met such kind of people in your lives.

Like a young man from a very small country in Africa. How innocently he asked questions like, Don’t ppl drink in India? How eagerly he helped you out with all issues as if it was his own.

Like a cute on who always has a smile on his face, and mimicks you and makes you laugh with the way he talks. All in work.

Like the bubbly one, who runs to you when you show any symptoms of facing a problem.

You never want to miss those moments, never want to forget them. You want them in your memories always. But I am scared. I don’t trust my memory. What if one day I forget them? What if I don’t think of them for years? It sounds silly, but I feel like it would be wrong. Thats the least I can do for people who made some happy memories in my life.

So here is a testimony in their remembrance. Strange it is. How people least important in your life make you write so much. :)

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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