Three wonderful women

I realized yesterday when I saw some paintings of a dear cousin in our whatsapp message thread, how luck am I!

I have three absolutely gorgeous looking and beautiful from within woman in my life who think so out of the box, are so creative and their works have always aww-ed me. I have thing for paintings, I realized this late in life but hey, not too late!

One is my very own sister who specializes in doodles. They are so unique and hard to understand for a normal person like me! Yes she is a bit eccentric coz you find her creating something at 2 AM in the night! Each time she makes something, its better than the previous. I have seen her drawings since she was what? 5? 10? But at a very early age. I never knew then she would turn her passion into a profession. Lucky beast!

Second is my cousin, we are very close, have not known each other for long, but her folk paintings are so earthy, so colorful and so perfect like a professional!

Third is a colleague at office, I have known her only for a few months but we have shared a lot of secrets ;) I was so taken aback when she gifted me a painting she did just because I appreciated her previous one so much! Her paintings always have a story, a happy one.

I feel lucky that I have these women in my life and believe me, I am telling this very selfishly. I have a house of my own to design in a couple of months, not only can I get some great ideas, I can also get lot of decor for my home, the way I like them – with a personal touch!

PS: I am not authorized to post any pics of their work lest they finally agree with me and decide to sell it!! But I cannot stop myself from putting one of my sister’s works here, of course, with her permission! (The picture is not high quality on purpose)



Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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