An year equals 12 months

I got a nice phrase from the HAATHI blog, which I am a big fan of. She talked a thing about “Brand New 12 Months”. It struck me like a great idea. Every year we are handed a brand new 12 months. Isn’t what we make of it completely in our hands? Each day of the 52 new weeks are so important into contributing how your whole year would look like. What you do every hour of that each day determines how your day is gonna look like at the end of it. Not only what you DO, I feel more importantly, what you THINK. So I would say think good thoughts. Even when you are encountered with a problem or tragedy, always think of how to overcome it rather than sulk in it for so long that it ruins that moment creating a bad memory. Thinking good thoughts will definitely make you do good and productive things. When you reflect on your day before going to sleep, if you have atleast one thing that you have done which is useful for your future, I feel you can call it a productive day. Its all in your hands head.

We are just two weeks into the new year, its still not too late to chart out your goals, challenge yourself and make good memories. Good luck! :)


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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