Snippets from UK #4


I came to know from my Christian room mate and the n number of churches in UK, that there are so many types of churches and certain people go to certain churches only. I know, its the same in India too but I was just not that aware about Christianity as such. Learnt a lot and got a lot of interest in Bible too from my room mate. I will read it one day!

I badly wanted to attend a Sunday mass in UK. Even though my room mate was not Catholic and since the church nearest to our house was a Catholic one, my friend kindly obliged to give me company.

I remember we went on a Sunday evening…there was a light drizzle..the church was not very crowded. We chose the last bench. There was singing and a speech by the Father. I loved that part – it was very inspiring. Towards the end every shook hands with each, muttering something. It was a subtle experience for me. By the time we were out, the sun was shining again. :)

Merry Christmas friends!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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