Snippets from UK #3

Christmas in UK.

Lights, lights, lights. Lights everywhere.

Off, off, off. Sale everywhere.

Snowman cookies, Wine, Flowers, Christmas trees, cakes. In every home.

Less. Less. Less. Lesser people in office. Hence lot of off time!

Closed. Closed. Closed. All tourist spots closed.

Snow. Snow. Snow. NO snow anywhere.

Yet, yet, yet. YET we had a blast, in our own way.

We bought a small christmas tree from near by supermarket, some lights, some golden balls, some red and a big red star to hang on the top. Our Christmas tree was shining on that window sill for one whole month. We had such a great time decorating it.

We had some friends over. We baked our first cake in UK – Chocolate. Some chips and aerated drinks – party!!

Ohhh….I almost miss it!


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