Last year, this day

One year ago, on this day, I landed in a place that gave me millions of memories to hold on to. The United Kingdom. Specifically, the Great Britain. More so specifically, Yeadon town in West Yorkshire Country. 16, Borrowdale Croft, LS19 7FN was our new home. Home for the next five months, me and my roomie feared the most. But the fear lasted only that weekend. It changed to surprises and unbelievable awesomeness over the weeks that followed.

We missed home and family like hell but I was glad I got a roomie who shared similar interest in food and travel. Yeah, that was always our main aim when we went there. Not to learn anything technical. Of course, it happened side by side. The weekends were the two days of the week that we really Lived. The 5 days between….ah, I hardly remember them! ;)

The best part of course was the meticulous planning for each trip matching our budget, safety and so many other aspects. After visiting London with just my roomie (who is also a female), roaming around there for two days gave me the confidence to go anywhere in the world alone and still enjoy myself. Planning is the key, I have realized.

There are too many memories to be penned down in a single post. I’ll stop leaving the best one here.

The best moment for me, undoubtedly, was the turn of our bus, in the mountains, during our Scotland trip, turn into complete whiteness. White blinded – ness. White snow. Everywhere except a narrow line of black in front of us, which was the road on which our bus was riding.


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