I never wrote anything for my first anniversary except a lousy facebook status update all the way from UK. Yes, we were miles apart. We did celebrate our anniversary before I left, but its not the same as being together on that date, right? We couldn’t even do a skype. In fact, the time of our anniversary also was different! He was 5.5 hours ahead.

This year will be no different. We won’t be together on that day. Life has changed so much for us during the past couple of months that we never had the mind and time to plan our anniversary. Only recently I noticed it falls on a Tuesday and I don’t have enough leaves to be with him on that day. Yes, we are again living apart, working our asses off for that dream house of ours.

Even though I would love to get off for a couple of days into some lands unknown to us, just be with him, play, eat and have fun. Walk on the beach, see the sunrise together, cut a cake on a mountain top and have candle light dinner, REALITY is far from it. Our celebrations will be a very silent affair with some time spent alone cooking at home, watching movies and just being there with each other. Yes, that is quite a rare event in our lives!

We turn 2 on Nov 25th, 2014. Actually in a month we turn 3 if you look at the time we met for the first time. Our story is quite unbelievable and even for us.

Girl met boy on Facebook, when she was actually looking at a friend request from a proposed guy. They had a chat with for two days, and after a week, told their parents about each other. No, no, we were not in love! Come on! We just thought we were compatible from whatever we talked all day. We just suggested each other to our parents like innocent kids. ;)

Girl goes home weekend. Girl’s mother asks about the “proposed guy”. girl says, I would rather marry his cousin!! Haha, that will be laughed at for years to come. The “proposed guy” is happily married now with a kid and we are in good talking terms. No relationship scarred there.

Our parents being the cool ones, asked us to go the beach, meet and make sure this is what we want. We had talked for over a month by then. He was quite head over heels in love with her but she was still not convinced. Her heart being broken once, she wanted to be really sure. They met for the first time in a railway station and the day flew by in a blink. Her brain might be still thinking but her heart was already gone, gone with him that evening.

Eleven months later, they were married with all the customs and tradition of Malayalee Ambalavasi community. It was a through and through affair. What happened during those eleven months? Lot of travelling and meeting up – anywhere, anytime. Even at a bus stand at 5 AM in the morning.

Two years from then, they are still happily married and sane, thank god!

The best thing I like about this time now is that we are still crazily in love with each other. We cannot live without each other. Literally.

We talk like 5 times a day and share everything from the day. We look upon each other first when we encounter a difficult situation.

We are on each others minds every second of every day. We are TRULY made for each other. No, there just cannot be another person for me.

I believe we have been together since the universe was formed and we will be together till the end of universe. We are two bodies and one soul. Ours souls are always together somewhere.

His smile is the only thing in this whole world I could die for.

Our fights are epic. But our love is eternal.

This post will never end coz there are not enough words/expressions with which I can completely describe our relationships. I feel its all better left unsaid, better to feel the moments and yes, its only for the two of us to live in it. :)

So Happy Anniversary to us!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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