Snippets from UK #2


When we first reached the place of our stay in UK – a small town in West Yorkshire, Yeadon, there were hardly any people on the streets.

The roads are almost always deserted. May be because we were in a small town? May be because UK is a smaller country with much lesser people living in it.

Even there were not many cars. Trains were half empty always. So were the buses.

Travelling in the bus on a Sunday felt awesome, as it would be filled with people. So would be the nearest city – Leeds. Crowded, people bumping into each other now and then. It felt home!

One thing was very puzzling though. There were a lot of babies everywhere. A LOT!! More than we usually see here outside. Then where did all the population disappear?

For this same reason, it was very quiet there. Damn quiet. On top of that, the floor was wooden. Each creaking sounded like it could be heard many yards away. Many times me and my room mate used to talk in whispers.

No wonder people call it a calm and quiet country. There are hardly any people to many any noise!

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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