[Repost] I have so much to write about.

Another post from an old blog…Feb 16, 2013.


So much to ramble. So much on my mind right now that I have no clue where to start.

Okay, so I am into a new project and the project had to go through some hiccups initially. In a meeting my manager told us something that stroke me as a great thought. He said, “To complete a task 90%, it takes only 50% of our efforts. The rest 10 % is what takes the other half and is the toughest part. To get 90 marks is easy, but every other mark more than that requires an extra effort.”
So true, ain’t it? :)

Its the 4th day I am home-alone and every time I am home alone for 4 days (thats the max I have been alone), I go kinda crazy. Yeah, seriously. I feel like doing nothing, like today. Even worse coz its a Saturday and its holiday. What the heck.
Another thought on that: “People are always thinking about things not under their control when they can think of so many other things that they can actually do and make life better.” Really.

So now its obvious that I was alone during our first Valentine’s day after marriage. No, I am not a V-day fan.          I am a gift-on-a-no-special-day fan. :) And I get super excited just with a greeting card. :D I already told you I am a romantic and how small is big. ;)

Everyone has problems in life and nobody is perfect. I know my problems and my imperfections. Thats half job done. I am proud of myself for that. There is a lot to do.

I am turning from a quote-crazy to quote-maniac, so planning to open a new page on my blog, where I will keep all my favorite quotes. Coming up soon! :)

I know house lizards are supposed to be in the “house” but I dont like them. Please tell me how to get rid of them. Anyone?

End of rant. I appreciate you people reading this and I really wish to reward you but I don’t have any means to reach you. :P




Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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