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Nov 2011 to Aug 2012

It really was a long time and a LOT of things happened during my stay in Chennai which has changed my life forever. The main thing being me meeting Hareesh – but haven’t we talked enough about it already? This time I am gonna talk of something else.

Before coming to Chennai, I hated it. I knew nothing about it but I hated it. May be because of what I was told about this place. May be because I was leaving a great set of people behind. May be because EVERYTHING was going to be new to me and I was alone in it.

Once I came here, after initial difficulties, health issues, stay issues – I got settled. I have to say, howmuchever stuffs are lacking in my PG, one of the important reasons why I survived Chennai was my pg. It gave me an atmosphere of being in Kerala. Go back to PG and speak your own mother tongue – made me feel home. Though there was a time when I really hated staying here, but that was just a short period – after that I got used to being alone, enjoying alone and still feeling home.

I must say I met another superb set of people in Chennai, who were always helpful to me at office and outside. When I leave Chennai,I guess I will miss them the most. The tea, lunch and evening tea breaks. JOSH. ESRO. Project work – testing on the ASAM GUI. My manager. Birthday Celebrations. Treats. Outings.

I will miss the train journeys to and fro office, walking with Satya, Velachery, EA, Egmore and Tambaram Railway stations, T.Nagar crowd, beggars in line in front of tambaram station, the auto walas, the over dressed ladies in the trains, the railway crossings, the share autos, the bus rides, vasanta bhavans, nalas appakadai, fish finger from anjappar and many more things which I am forgetting to mention now. May be Ill update the post when I remember.

I am writing only the good things coz I don want to remember the bad. I want to leave Chennai – happy and content with sweet memories. Another place. Another set of people. Another kind of food. Many lessons learnt and unlearned. Lots of movies. Shopping. Alone and I survived. I am happy. I am content. I will leave now.

A land where people are a little bit too proud of being what they are, a land where there is everything that a city has but has still not lost its culture, a land where ladies don’t go out anywhere in the morning without jasmine flowers in their hair, a land where the autowalas rule, a land where they take a dead body to its destination with dance, songs and cheer – Chennai – I hate you, but I love you. :)



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