Little girl’s bus ride

She was a plump little cute kid. She enjoyed those school bus rides from home to school and back. They used to last more than an hour and it was fun. There were many didis and bhaiyyas, she was their pet. They used to pamper her, squeeze her and play with her. She was specially fond of one bhaiyya who used to give her company always. He used to sit beside her most of the times and talk incessantly. She would never realise when the hour came and went.

It was one of those winter days and cold wind was blowing through the window. All were sitting close to keep themselves warm. They liked the warmth in the cold. Bhaiyya was as usual beside her chewing his gum. Suddenly, he threw the gum outside the window and knelt down. He was insisting his gum fell on the floor. The girl tried to convince him he had himself thrown it out of the window but he wont hear. She was sitting with her legs apart. He kept his hand between that space and looked under the seat. She felt little uncomfortable as his hands were almost under skirt. She asked him to take his hand so she could keep her legs close to each other. He wont listen.

The bus was bustling with activities. Most of the people were playing antakshari as usual, some were sleeping, some day-dreaming. The girl looked around her. Nobody was noticing what was happening. Bhaiyya gradually moved his hands up her thighs. He then slid his hand inside her underwear and felt her. She was her uncomfortable most by then, she felt numb and embarassed. She was just 10 years old, she had no idea how to stop this. She just sat there till he finally took his hand out of her skirt and sat beside her as if nothing just happened. She felt cold, not because of the weather, but with fear. She sat their quietly throughout the journey, withoutΒ saying anything

She never said anything. Not even after years. But she has not forgotten it. She remembers every minute detail of the incident. Its engraved in her mind forever. It pains her every time she thinks of it. It is of no use speaking about it now. She has pledged to protect her children from such torture, whenever she has them. She has pledged to teach them and make them aware of it at an early age. Thats the best she can do.

PS: Lets all take this pledge, shall we?


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