Music from the soul

Its overwhelming. When you hear a piece of music and it reminds you of another time in another day, long gone in the past. It happens sometimes because that music fits the place and time, like the light piano and guitar tune during autumnΒ in UK. It reminded me of my autumn visit to that calm little town in West Yorkshire last year, around same time. It is perfect to be played when the dry orange and yellow leaves are falling outside your window. The music makes you feel light. The music is so quiet that its overwhelming.

Sometimes you listen to a song after a really long time and suddenly you feel you are in the place and time where you used to listen to the song a lot. I am a kind of person who doesn’t like just any kind of music, but when I like one, its on a repeat for a week at least. May be that’s why the music gets so attached to those days and my activities then.I like it because it brings back fond memories. Its a way for me to store moments in my life. Music. I wonder how it does it, almost magical.

I have always been the listener, the one who enjoys music more than raking the brains making it. I love the keyboard though. And guitar. May be someday I will learn it with my kids. This is a calm and quiet post inspired from the music in that post linked above. Hope you all enjoy the little birdie’s first attempt! It made my Monday shine, such a fine way to start your week!

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