Snippets from UK #1

Day and Night.

One of the best part of my UK trip was that I was there during the changing of daylight saving time. When I arrived there in November end last year, it was hard to find sunlight even at 8 in the morning. We had to leave home by that time, so it was harder to get up! The evenings were worse. It would feel like its 10 PM by the time it was 4 in the evening. We used to leave office early. And with the number of people on streets, it looked like the middle of the night. That really discouraged us from hanging around outside during the evenings. Also, it was big drawback when we used to go visiting places during the weekend. What can you see in the dark? :/

Gradually I saw the sunrise-sunset timings change during my period of stay there.

By the time it was time to come back in April, sun used to rise by 5 AM and on the rare non-cloudy days the sun rays would hit our face by 7 AM. It was warm and felt good to get up to. Evenings were awesome with sun still shining at 8 PM. My friends there told me, if I stayed a couple more months I could see the sunshine at 11 PM!! It must be hard to sleep! But we had fun as we roamed around without caring forΒ the time in the evening.

I remember distinctly when the daylight saving time changed and we didn’t realise as it was a weekend day and we were walking to the supermarket thinking it was 11 AM in our watch, but when we had a look at the mobile phone, it was 10 AM. We were puzzled for a couple of minutes and then Β it hit me. It felt weird to change the time being in the same place but it felt lucky too to be there in such a part of the planet during that time.

Snippets from UK will be a series of posts on places, people and daily life in UK, as I experienced it during my short stay there. All of them can be found at one place – under the tag UK. Thanks!


Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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