Life now and more

I have been MIA for very long here but I have been blogging on my private blog. My past months have taken me through my lowest and I badly needed to vent out. To save you guys from reading all the rubbish I was penning down, I moved to privacy. I also bought myself a journal. Pink and black.

The best book (not that I have read many) that I read this year is Andre Agassi’s autobiography – Open. I am no Agassi fan. In fact, I hate sports and that’s exactly what attracted me to this book. The greatest reveal of this book is that Agassi always hated Tennis. There was a story I was curious to know. It was hard to put down that book once I started reading it. I have not felt this way about a book for a really long time. Another thing that filled me with joy reading this book was the realization that the habit has not left me – of reading. I was happy to know I could still read a whole book, may be very different from the kinds I used to read. But I could read.

Another book I read and was aww-ed was Robin Sharma’s Who Will Cry When You Die? 100 points to a great life. 100 very much achievable traits. I was surprised I already have many of them. Made me feel good about myself. Many of those were things I was working on, which assured me that I was on the right track. I have been a Robin Sharma fan long before I read this book. Since I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari secretly from my old office during my months of work-less-ness. That and The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks kept me going through those boring 8 hours at office.

I have bought some more books which I hope to read in time. 3-5 years earlier, I would have never had the patience to read these books. I was submerged in Sydney Sheldons and Jeffrey Archers. Reading these books made me realise how much I have changed. These changes have creeped into me without my knowledge, I guess those are the best changes in a human being. The ones that are not planned and don’t wait for our permission. Because we human beings hate changes even though we all know change is inevitable.

Change. That would solely define my life in the past months. It has been a roller coaster of changes, most of them which I hated.

I am yet again away from my husband (this time, indefinitely!). I have moved cities, yet again (3 times in a year, WTF?!) I have worked on three projects in a span of less than 3 months at work (I got kicked out of one! :O) I started many good habits which I was forced to leave in a short span of time. (Reading before going to bed, gym, early morning walks – yeah mostly health related)

There has been a couple of good things too. No, it has not been all black and white. There are some spots of yellow, orange and green. :)

All through, my husband has supported me in all decisions I made. My friends have supported me even more, knowing the nature of my work.

I am an eggeterian forever now (well, I have a couple more dishes to try but I know I have control, control almost equal-ling the animal intake to NIL). I am a green tea addict.

Addiction reminds me, I think I am almost a home decor junkie too. It all started with me and my husband buying an apartment in the city we plan to settle in near future. Our first house together. The construction is still on but I am already ready with what all I want to put where and how. It will take a long time to reach the look I am dreaming of, but it will happen :)

I am an aunt now, more than a wife/daughter/sister, since I moved into my sister-in-law’s place for work. The two kids drive me mad but I love them both crazily. This has been a big learning and change in my life. I have learnt so much patience in the past month, which I haven’t learnt for all my life. Lol.

I have still not shifted completely, I am hoping to by end of the month, when I would bring my journal too and start scribbling in it again. I am still settling in. I am far away from my most loved ones but I am at home, for which I feel lucky. The feeling of missing is always there but I have made peace with my situation now. I keep reminding myself, its temporary (it has been for an year!).

I guess this post is long enough for a come-back post. Rest in next.

Keep laughing!


2 thoughts on “Life now and more

  1. You are back!!! Awesomeeeeeeee :D

    There is no way I would forget you okay?

    Its so sad that you have to stay away from the husband. Thankfully I have never had to stay even a day away from mine. No job in the world is worth being away from the one I love!

    May your journal be filled with happy thoughts! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Soumya :)

      You are right. I wouldn’t have stayed away either, if one of our salaries was not going towards the housing loan EMI. :P I am used to staying away actually..he is into sales, so travel is inevitable.

      I was in UK for 5 whole months without him, but I was in UK, so hardly had the time to miss him, was busy travelling so much!

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