Planning is not a good thing. Not always.

OK, Ill start from the very beginning. Long before our first anniversary date I told my husband I want a surprise on that day. Do whatever, but surprise me. Simply because, I have never been given a surprise in my life and even though people have tried but failed. Our anniversary is on 25th of this month. I do not what he planned, but all the plans were trashed 2 months back. We had also planned a Mumbai Goa trip adjacent to our anniversary and that plan was also scrapped.

Two months back I got the news that I might go to UK for a 3 month visit by October. The husband got his move to Bangalore confirmed. We were excited. We planned, again, accordingly. Once it was “confirmed” that I will be flying by October end, we told our current owner that we will shift by Nov mid and started our house hunt at Bangalore. We got it sooner than we thought. Meanwhile, my visa was under process. I had planned a visit home during the last weekend of October in case I am not flying. Everything was on track but only to be spoiled during the Diwali weekend.

But this was expected. I got a message that my visa is on the way. Ok, so what if I can’t go home? I can go to UK! Yay! But its not so easy, is it? Its Diwali weekend and the courier guys will die if they don’t burst some crackers and pollute some more. Being one of the known fastest delivery courier, it delayed our courier by 4 days. Four days! Weekend came and went. I didn’t go to UK. I didn’t go home. #$%%$^&

I still calmed myself down because I was sure to get the visa by Monday and fly the same week, that is, this week. Monday came and finally the courier people walk up from the Diwali hangover and delivered my visa. Relief! I am going to UK this weekend. Yay! But no, god or whatever the force had had not enough fun. Come afternoon today and I get a mail from the CEO that my travel is delayed until this month end. For unfathomable reasons.

I. Am. Frustrated.

I could have easily done my Mumbai Goa trip.

There is a high chance of still missing the anniversary by two days. Yes, TWO days.

The husband’s move is now jeopardized and we may end up paying rent at two houses. :/

Oh yeah, I can go home and come.

Oh another thing, communicating all of this between friends and relatives is another BIG thing into which I am not getting in this post, at least. I do not know what will I do or answer if one more person comes up to me and asks – “So when are you leaving?”

Planning is not a good thing. Not always.


4 thoughts on “Planning is not a good thing. Not always.

  1. Totally agree about the planning bit. I was supposed to go to the UK immediately after marriage with the new husband in tow. He was willing to quit his job and come join me. The day he was supposed to put down his papers, my travel got cancelled. We were saved by an inch, that’s it.

    Like they say, ‘Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans.”

  2. Relax, go with the flow, sometimes in life things don’t go as planned, but don’t let these incidents dishearten you. Keep your spirits high and keep smiling.

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