How is Life? Part 2

The first part of this post ended with a note that we will move out of the city I live in next year. Well, no. We are moving out this year.

Next month, to be precise. And not together.

Husband is moving to Bangalore, and Me to the UK.

Yes, it has happened.

No, you silly heads! We are not getting a divorce! The husband got a promotion and me an onsite working opportunity! I am still waiting for the visa and all my fingers are crossed that I get it by November first week and fly the same week. Preparations have been on full swing for almost a month now, for both these big events that are gonna happen in our lives. We have done a whole lot of purchasing and little packing and hunting a house in Bangalore and finding out everything I need in the UK.

With good things, come the bad. The inevitable. We will be oceans away on our first anniversary. Yes, the FIRST and it comes only once in a lifetime. He will have to move the whole house all on his own. It is going to be freaking cold out there in the UK. I will miss home terribly. (I still have no idea how I am gonna deal with it, skype is not enough!) and yes, I will miss the food. I will miss Masterchef.

The good things? There are a lot. This is the best time of our careers and we should make the best of it. I will get to see snowfall. He will get to do his work and finish as much as possible at peace while I am away. So when I am back, we can do our postponed Mumbai-Goa trip. I will get to know about new kinds of food and if I get a chance, do some baking there. No home work means a lot of free time! I can read, exercise as much as I want. Most importantly, my dream of visiting the Europe will come true. We both have got what we asked for, so we are content.

Other than this, I visited Mysore after a long while. I also celebrated my first Onam after marriage in style. I tried lot of new recipes. I shifted back to the office near to home, so that meant a lot more time with my husband. :) I visited my sponsored child and gave her some old kiddie books that I used to read. I felt very happy that day.

From past two months, my mind has been in a medley. I have had a lot of things to get figured out before I go. I have had a lot of things to set straight in my life. Like taking care of my body. I am still taking baby steps towards that but something better than nothing. Also, thank god I have got some regularity, which was missing all the times I tried before. Things are starting to look a bit settled now but there is big news coming next week, which I am waiting for with anticipation. Hope and pray its a good one!

Until next time folks! Have a great weekend!
PS: I have updated my two projects here and here. Go, have a look!

Let me know how you liked my post! :)

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